In The Lab

What Al’s hands have done for the keyboard, his ears–and a lot of performing experience–are doing for studio recordings. As a songwriter and session producer, Al creates vocal stylings to life for a variety of artists. He brings a great depth of musical, acoustical and studio technical understanding along with a gift for arrangement. Al is currently working on his own major recording, an ensemble of favorites performed by a few of his celebrity friends. Expect a summer release for his debut project.

For more than a decade, Al provided a venue for local artists to showcase their talents each week at the wildly popular Midtown Atlanta Jam Session. The artist showcase Al founded and produces helps propel the careers of vocalists and musicians while attracting the talent-hunting eyes of celebrities such as Tyler Perry. For more information on visit Midtown Atlanta Jam Session.
As an artist, Al knows what it takes to entertain a crowd. But as an entrepreneur, Al also knows that the showmanship and star power are nothing without sound quality. His company, Ambiance Productions, ensures that every note is heard with crisp clarity and authenticity. Ambiance provides sound equipment, studio production, and demo assistance for large and small live events. For more information on visit Ambiance Productions.