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The latest news, reviews and venues for live music from the ATL to B-More and beyond.

Welcome to the Blog

Remember Saturday mornings when Don Cornelius would invite us to join him on the “hippest trip in America?” For me, those were some of the best days of my life growing up in Baltimore, enjoying the latest music by the hottest new artists, musicians and bands. The only thing better was hearing the music live at some of the local spots…and that’s when and how I fell in love with live music. 

For those of us who love live music, nothing can compare. The good thing is that some of the best can be found in our ownbackyards; the bad news is that it can be hard to know where to go.  Unless you stay posted to everybody’s Facebook page or website, you can’t get a taste of who’s gigging where, with who and when.

Well, now you can. Just check back here each week for a list of hot events that are happening and the spots that are doing their thing to keep live music alive. Obviously, I can’t list every gig everywhere,  so I’ll just pick a few of the best bets from the ATL to B-More and beyond and tell you a few things about the artists and the venues you need to know. And if you’re an artist, feel free to post your events in the comments section.  We’ve got to promote our own, so shameless plugs are allowed.

So, meet me here to get my take on the latest news, reviews and venues for live music. It may not be the hippest trip in America, but it will sure be a stone-cold blast!